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November 10, 2011
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EDIT 07 01 2012 :
Some of you are going to hate me for that, but this edited version feature LESS nudity !
In fact Phantom lady was hard to recognize, so I had to cover her a bit more to help achieving that!
other than that.... reviewed a bit some stuff who were a bit off; added more depth and reviewed the tone :)


Like I said in the previous pic, in the end; I don't really see powergirls as bi or lesbian; even if the internet gets full of ww/pg pairing; ending VERY OFTEN with boobs grabbing pics (I'm not against but it's often not done in a good way :/) or stuff that goes a bit too harcore .
But in every cases the focus is their chest. it's probably why the 2 come as a pair.

But ya know that DC could stand for "D Cup" right ;) lots of DC characters are voluptuous vixen... take big barda for example, and what about starfire, knockout; phantom lady... yeah... full of them

I think people quickly associated PG with WW ONLY because powergirl is popular. It's not bad. but honestly while I appreciate karen star; I always thought her costume was boring as hell (colore & design) and that, BOOBS OR NOT, she didn't had a true sensual potential...

Phantom lady has! OMG she has a lot

THEN I got an other concept; Phantom lady replacing powergirl.

for many reasons:
1/ this change from PG
2/ boobs lover: you don't loose anything in the change ;)
3/ I like the costume
4/ all these curves in one character !
5/ Historical and thematic reasons:

Phantom lady is one of the very first comic character who bring the notion of "good girl art" ; and WW is probably one of the most iconic female character in the comics industry
they are both some kind of "base" of what the female in comics are. then the pair make sense to me!

last but not least :
Believe me or not, but they both share the "bondage" thematic too!
Read this article about WW's creator if interested:

And about Phantom Lady; well... in the late50's she has this tendency to enter provocative situations where she was captured and bound by the villain. (sse issue 17 for the famous bondage cover)

About the nude content of this pic, I thinks it's the most explicit step I could bring to you. it's clearly nude; but what has to be hidden is hidden. I banish full explicit nudes. even if for this pic; THAT'S RIGHT that full explicit nudes would have got a real reason and purpose. But I still think explicit nude is the easy solution.

I might have chosen to put WW in the nude situation instead of phantom lady because this one is harder to identify once naked... that's why I kep her boots and glasses at WW's side :)

Previous pairing with Diana:

Others WW and PL:


-warm,cool and ice greys markers on 11x17" comic board
- some photoshop postwork, like the halo !

Wonder Woman and Phantom lady are DC
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Awesome work! 
This is some beautiful art! :drool:
slaydoc Mar 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Interesting read on your explanation. I do undersatnd it. Good art work as well. Your drawings are impressive. Comic geek for years, still collect even with my wife and sons. Plus travelling in military sometimes aides in collecting them. And visiting local art studios too see work, meet some artisits. Please, keep sharing your work for us all too apprecitte.
richardP1991 Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
OMG!! sexy beyond belief
who are those glasses for
Awesome work here
Beautiful work!
Fantastic job! A very steamy scene on Paradise Island. Excellent work on the background and attention to detail, from the cracks in the stones to the Greek archatecture.

Also good use of lighting, especially in the foreground, on the women's hair, skin, and costumes.

I'm sorry you think Power Girl is dull, but you really wouldn't have to bother with her boring costume if she was in Phantom Lady's place. It's really too bad you choose to change characters, because you did a superb job on rendering her chest. Great use of light/shadow, very realistic. I'm very impressed!

Keep it up :D
J-Estacado Sep 4, 2012  Professional General Artist
No no, I chose phantom lady BECAUSE she -in my taste- works so much better than pg (also, if you read the description, you can see how far the links has been done)AND, i'm more from brunettes than blondes :lol:

Pg isn't bad, it's just it's WHITE :lol: and white don't allow too much stuff. that said,I COULD have included her here; but I already did in the previous pg/ww piece, so it was time for an other pairing :)

Been a long time I didn't read comments from you btw :)
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