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October 25, 2009
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S E R E N A by J-Estacado S E R E N A by J-Estacado
I felt like painting something big from a model, so I know that from the people I have in my devwatch list there is very good models and then; very good photoshoot .
I had some of them in mind for a few time, but didn't really knew what do to do with them, because in my opinion doing a mimic of the original wasn't THAT interesting.
I mean.... It's maybe a good training; but HELL where is YOUR interest as a painter if you don't allow yourself some liberties ?

So once I found what to do with the present picture ( I also have other paitings made from the same concept waiting for being finished ! ) it was time to begin (and ask for permissions, of course :lol: ).

Basically I tryed to keep the likeness of the model (I say basically , cuz I didn't look for exact proportions/ features for hours ) I changed the whole hair cut, which became even more tricky because this way, it killed the empty space that give the head all her shape in the original shot.
But hey I like to paint long hair, it's really cool to do with the small brushes :)

ORIGINAL Lighting source is the same ( THAT was one of the BIGGEST interest of the pic, I mean; I liked the mood it gives)
I added a blue light source below; because :
1/ I like blue :D
2/ I like the "magic" feeeling it can produce, so then the whole pic is maybe a bit less darken than the original, i'll give you that :lol:
Last but not least, I decided to keep the hair very orange.Hair is not really affected by the whole lightning source, and don't ...hum "obey" the rules of the whole mood. And that what I found cool about that :)

I have to say it's one of the painting who took me the more amounts of hour in my life; mostly because it was worked over and over about 5 times , the fact the original shot has a light bird eye view ; make me fail more than once, especially on a big size, where, I tend to loose every sense of proportions !

I think It finally turned out fine, thanks for the help from my old artschool mates who helped me seeing the mistakes !

And ; of course,Thanks to Serena and Corwin for the permission , you guyz do great stuff !
to Serena :
I generally give to these paintings the name of their original model / or their nickname, as I see you don't like your nickname, I went for your original name :)
hope that's ok !

Acrylics on 59x45cm / 23"x17" Canvas paper.
Painting with brushes; softened with airbrush then; last touches with brushes too.
Also used faber & castell pens; colored acrylics inks , and colored pencils

photographer > :iconlepersabstain:
Original model > :iconschizophrenickittie:

original shot >
some close-up > [link]
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FluffyLover1986 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012

If you need another redhead to paint, have you seen :iconcatropo: ?
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Your amazing work was featured here [link]
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this gets lots of feature these last weeks it's cool :lol:
thanks for the feat. :)
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You have been featured in my journal [link]
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thanks! Much appreciated :)
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Your most welcome:heart:
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your art has been featured in my journal! thank you for inspiring [link]
JenaDellaGrottaglia Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
lol and I am sitting here going damn tht name sounds familiar.. I just realized why haha
I miss Michael Turners art )=
J-Estacado Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012  Professional General Artist
Thanks ! It's cool to give a second life to this picture ! Much appreciated!
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