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November 19, 2010
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P H A T . TIFA by J-Estacado P H A T . TIFA by J-Estacado

Please add my facebook page for news, recent informations wip and other stuff :
09 09 2012>>>>EDITED VERSION
more contrast; more shads. some areas reviewed too. small detail but I wanted to take care of those.

1. cool
2. Pretty Hot And Tempting

(seems to be considered as a" too old" word that wouls make the others laughting at you like... "bloody" as far as i know)

Believe me or not, but Tifa is not my fav' character from FF, but it's the one I drew the most however.

My preference actually goes for Rinoa, but I have to say that with 3 differents costumes and look, and.... huh... a killer bod' , Tifa is really more interesting to draw than Rinoa.

Those who follow my work since some years now, also know that I like to re-appropriate in some way the characters I draw... The problem with Tifa is she's wayyyyy to nice and calm, then, me beeing a fool, I like to represent her in a more.... hum...sultry and arrogant way,especially in the Tifa XoXo Rinoa serie I did :)

So, as always please save your time by not posting comments like "Tifa would never do/react like that" or even " she don't looks like the videogame one"


Ok, one -large - note about the title :

Like I said before, I generally trace what my work become on the internet, mostly for reasons, but also because when you read comments on forums that you are not a part of , they are generally more rought; so it also helps seeing people opinion in a different way, when they think the original author is not around here to read they comments ;)

On a forum about Jean grey pics , were some of mine were posted then; Some people were complaining about the fact I drew her with ...
Loop hearing !! (OMG; it's succccchhhhhhhhhhhhh a blasphem and a total non-respect of the character, I SO much deserve to be whipped right now !! OMG OMG !! ).....
and the guy who basically posted my pics answered somehing like, "It's pretty clear from the artist gallery that he likes his women to be a little "Phat".

My 1st reaction was to associate "phat" with "fat" ... it's just the same sounds dammit ! :lol: how can you make the difference when you speak with someone ?? ya know :

"hey Brandon, your wife is sooooooo PHAT ! Groovy !
- WTF Dylan, no way that my wife could be fat, you sick b@sta@rd !!
-No, No! Man .... not "fat", but "p.h.a.t" !! hang loos !
- you want to fu** my wife?
-no I...It's not what I meant... I.... please release this shotgun !!.
*insert murdering scene right here*

Well... I keep losting myself into pathetic stories... where was I already ?


yeah! the meaning of "phat" ...
Then I finally google-ed the word on felt on a COOL site about urban US words.... ( that's so damn Awesome :lol: I'm gonna talk like a true ghetto nerd now ;) ) when I saw what "phat" standed for, I "LOL-ed " my @$$ off, and I have to say it's pretty clear from the guy who posted my pics that he was damn right 'bout me !

So; here is a P.H.A.T version of Tifa.

It wasn't supposed to be submited here before at least 1 year ; it's supposed to be the cover of a video game characters sketchbook I wanted to release, but as I still not realeased the actual "classic" one (with rogue on the cover) ....

---PREVIOUS --------------------


-The usual pencils and inks on A3 bristol paper ,
-Colors with PS7
- I HAD a reference model for this pic.


Tifa is Squarenix
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orangeglasses2 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014
That is one hella sexy Tifa!
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Wow, her face is so beautiful!  You did a fantastic job there.
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Great work!
Love the colors too.
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Crazy detail :>
batman900 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013
Wow so hot, hot, hot ,hot
Advent-Chaos Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012
So this is Tifa in Clouds wet dreams I suppose? Great work.
MRG93 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Hobbyist
Great job, I love it :)
Rasslow Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow my beautiful TIFA!!!
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