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August 3, 2008
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DC   WOMEN by J-Estacado DC   WOMEN by J-Estacado

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|edit : 05 2011]
Folks, I don't want to be rude but PLEASE, I would REALLY appreciate people to stop posting comment like "WHAT NO XXX ? " "where is XXX" or any other characters...
If the said character isn't on ths pic, why asking if he/she is in ?
I can't draw all the women from the DCU on this pic, and last but not least : I'm the artist on this pic, then I 've just added the characters that I WANT. Seriously. No more no less...

As they all don't have their original costume; maybe you're not going to name them all, even if I give clues on each of them in case.

From left to right:

-Talia al'ghul (she get a saber) (heck , and she don't originaly have a costume)
-mary marvel (lightning)
-circe (hair colors, ans what she's wearing on her head)
-lois lane (book) (modeled on her tv avatar)
-supergirl (you see the "s" right ?"
-wonder woman ("w" and metal stuff on her arm)
-donna troy (stars)
-powergirl (breast?) ( :lol: )
-zatanna( costume!)
-poison ivy (she's green, no doubt)
-Harley Quinn (haircut mostly, and
-batwoman (there's bat logo on her clothes !)

Originally I wanted to inlude Starfire too, but 3 redhead was too much , not because I don't like them ( :D ) but manily because RED give too much distraction on the eye, and actually the 1st thing my eye go once the pic is open is Batwoman!
A note about Batwoman :

When I did this pic she was still wearing real long hair. and that her civil visual wasn't really set by the artists. (it was a short time after the "52" serie" )
Later when she get her own serie, her visual was completly reviewed, short hair and very pale skin...
That's why it's not too easy to identify her now !

-Original artwork (meaning with only 7 characters):

-Dc Women- faces:

-lois lane,supergirl(kara) , wonder woman(diana), donna troy(donna), zatanna(zee); powergirl(karen),poison ivy(pamela) ;Harley Quinn; and Circe are © DC comics, and guys it's time to give me a JOB !!!!! :lol:

Some model and photos reference used, indeed !

Original drawing on paper, colors on photoshop 7.0
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DC WOMEN by *J-Estacado Being a superhero was never this sexy ( Suggested by Hellobaby and Featured by Thiefoworld )
profutur1971 Apr 2, 2014  Professional General Artist
Belle image ! Bon travail ! Félicitations !
Super awesome
Amazing piece!!!
Amazing job! nothing to say!
Wow. Amazing!
Awesome. I like it and I agree with you. When i was drawing, unless someone wanted me to draw specific subject matter and how it was done, I was the artist and only I had say how it turned out. So what if someone had a problem with it, there will always be others, usually multiple, who will love it.
Antarasis Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This reminds me of an artist I saw in an ImagineFX issue? Is that you or your idol? o: Just wondering.

But anyway, this looks like fucking work, man. ._. Much respect to you for having created something this cool and skillfull!
J-Estacado Sep 23, 2013  Professional General Artist

I 've never been in IFX; or at least, I'm not aware of that :lol:

So I can't really say :)

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