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Impressive work/ inspiration/ideas/ stuff I had a crush for.


To people posting my work on forums;Tumblr, blogs and such... doing banners or avatars... and all these kind of things :

Have some respect by giving credits and due links to my gallery or my FB public page. That's all I ask !
Oh.. wait: no: please DO NOT edit ; crop or bring any change to my pics . Once again it's all about respecting the work we do.

Stealer and such:
Don't even think about selling prints of my work, the pics I submit haven't a size good enough to be printed correctly,.
Eventually If you try to fool me over and over, All legal intents will be done.

woopsie. X-mas is in 13 days... still have no idea what character to pick for my xmas pic :p Any suggestions ? 

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check :…

It's VERY different from my usual pin-up art, so might worth a check ;)

the main one is still active, obviously…

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Cédric Poulat
Artist | Professional | Varied
I’m a freelance comic artist and an illustrator, from France.

Most of my work features the female form; even If I do a bunch of other things but it’s generally my work featuring women that you’ll cross through the Internet °)

My style is a mix of american comics and pin-up art; basically what I do is super heroine in pin-up/art nouveau style !
I work with digital and traditionnal media, depending of the subject

My work has know various stage of content these last years; beeing pin-up axed, or more erotic. I guess Every artist need to explore various path at least once in his/her life, recently I do a bit less sultry art and moved back to some more rought visuals, I even draw more guys ;)

Current Residence: France -38
Favourite genre of music: ROCK / METAL/ the actual U.K rock wave ,and ,ok; 80's are cool too :)
Favourite style of art: comics; hyperrealistic, art-nouveau, rought paintings
Operating System: XP , all the way, W.7 is fine too.
Favourite cartoon character: superboy/zatanna. Donald duck, ralph the bear and leslie the bullfrog
Personal Quote: "ouais c'est ça ouais" "blaaazee","oui. mais non""


santanico pandemonium by J-Estacado
santanico pandemonium
From my OTHER facebook page.
Kind of different art visual. Mostly guys this time, 

Facebook Stamp by Heineken79…


-inks on paper then Digital postwork & texturing


check :…

It's VERY different from my usual pin-up art, so might worth a check ;)

the main one is still active, obviously…

  • Listening to: playlist
  • Reading: what I write!
  • Watching: the screen !
  • Playing: resident evil revelations 2
CINDY by J-Estacado
Facebook Stamp by Heineken79
Please add my facebook page for news, recent informations wip and other stuff :…
Some attemps at achieving a more realistic look; with digital tool WITHOUT looking too digital haha
She turned out VERY Crawford-esque in the end,(wasn't my goal) but since I was very found of the model when I was younger, I worked out that point a bit more :)


-Cintiq +photoshop CS3



ALL Inks2 in a short video !!!!

INKS2 : 18€ / $20
INKS2 with BASIC sketch: 25€ / $28

MP me if interested !



NEW one:…
Main one…

TO people sending me friend request : I accept them sometimes but this is rare, mostly since I'm speaking french, what I write is no interest for most of you all :lol:
If you want to follow me JUST for my work, then go to my pageS, yep :)

FOR people interested in getting my covers :

Swords Of Sorrow # 1 >> MAY

Most of them a re variant, or incentive covers. beware, they are not especially easy to have ( especially JOHN CARTER WARLORD of MARS # 2 !!!)


LADY DEATH by J-Estacado
Comissions are done in 22x17" double page spread. inks and greyscale in airbrush.
Price start at $250 for the simpliest pieces
Note me if interested !


hint: I always let you know what I use for a pic IN THE END OF THE DESCRIPTION SECTION !!


What type of pens do you use ?
>I don't really use pens. I ink with a brush (03, martre;Kolinsky or Windsor & Newton) and a crowquill (Hunt 102)
For Really smooth details I eventually use Rotrings (0.2 and 0.3) and staedlers pens . I do not really dig faber& castel pens. I Also use a FLAT pigma micron size 3 which is a great tool overall.

Do you use markers ?
>Mostly copics Sketch, because of the brush tip ! Also they are refilable :) (like ALL the others copics) I used to use Touch! markers too, but can't find them anymore in france.

What kind of watercolors ?
> A good watercolor is generally soft when you touch it. if's it's hard, it's not really good material.
>that said, I mostly use Acrylics inks in the end kind because colors will stay once they are dry. I mostly use windsor & Newton colored inks, even it's not Acrylics inks. they are almost non removable once dry !

Oil or Acrylics / Is it difficult to paint with oil /I do all of my colouring with digital software but i plan on experimenting with diffrent mediums in the future. Any suggestions?
>Hummm.... no.... I would say, itself; it's very easy, way easier than acrylics I think, because it doesn't dry quickly and then you can achieve good degradients; and the texture of the oil itself is good to work with.
BUT: it's an exclusive medium (And I like to mix a LOT of medias so...) and, what is a pain in the @$$ with oil is that you got to clean your tools and diluate your color with white spirit. It's not the same deal than simple water.In fact you really need to take care of your material because white spirit also tend to quickly kill your brushes

> experimenting with diffrent mediums" is the key indeed. just find what you are the most confortable with. I'll say try OIL as the last choice however. 
Just keep in mind that watercolors and colored inks are liquid technics , then maybe easier if you are for complex degradient of colors that are fading away (indeed just add more and more water and you are done)
Acrylics is... plastic. not more no less. it's the fastest medium in term of drying time. Also you can paint on nearly everything with the media. That said it's far from beeing the easiest one to use when you are tryng degradients. Also since it's very plasitc, once it's dry , it's hard to work with diluated colors.
My own nemesis remains the Gouache. it's more or less a non-liquid version of the watercolors,; it's cool to paint with BUT: gouache dry fast enough but will NEVER be fixed. it's a technic that hardly support paint over. if you try to put a color over an other: they will mix. so if you miss a color and that you try to correct it by overpainting it: wrong choice ! (in fact using a sponge tu erase the colors remains the best solution )

What software do you use for coloring?
>I used photoshop 7.0 for the last 12 years!!! I use Cs3 since some monthes. theres is not a BIG difference is coloring is the real thing you want to do. I do not use Painter : Too heavy and most of the stuff painter do, Photoshop can do it too, it's just a bit longer to find HOW.

What tablet do you use for coloring ?
> I used a Wacom Graphire; A6 sized for the last 10 years ! I use a Cintiq since nearly one year now. Obviously it's like two separate worlds. A moment is needed to adapt the CIntiq. but once it's done it's like heaven. And what a great gain of time in your work !!


Do you have a Website/ Other Gallery ?

> yes ; my Website: cedricpoulartworks.daportfolio…
> my Facebook page:…

Do you do Commissions ?
yes, Note me here !

Do you do Request ?
NO !

Do you do Blank Covers ?

> I DO ! you can find some for sale here :…
OR if you want your private BC, just contact me via MP for further informations. I generally DO NOT have empty BC at home, meaning that if you want yours done, you'll have to send me the requested one.

Can i Color/Ink your art ?
> In case it's not clearly written, I don't allow color or inks on my work. You can still ask in case; and i'll let you know if it's possible or not.In case you have permission ALL due credits and links must be given anyway. Also AVOID any commercial purpose.

Hey I've got a Character suggestions for you !! 
> ok. go there >….
This is here you can suggest me stuff.I usually don't do any request art. Keep in mind that COMMISSIONS are here for that ;) but I always read your suggestions and keep some of them in mind, so you never know !

Check out this [link] Someone is selling/stealing your work:
> I encourage all of you to notice the owner of the work when you see that. This is a recurrent problem, but most of the time it can be resolved quickly enough .


Why do you always draw Women ? 
> Why "why do you always draw men" is never asked to people that never draw female characters ?
I don't draw ONLY women. This is just I communicate Mostly on this type of art, since it seems it's the most appreciate stuff from what I do. Fortunatly this is also what I prefer illustrating too :°)

I think your women are bitchy.
Well; maybe. that can happens. this is not my main goal tho.
If you watch me, it's generally that you know what to expect.
D.A is a wide community, then it means lots of artists with lots of different skill /passions, and interest.
If you don't like my stuff; No worries; really. and also NO PROBLEMS. you can't like everything. But I have to wonder why you are staying here . No artists can please the community at 100%. 
I don't want to read hatefulls or unpolites comment here. AND: I don't care about your opinion on MY tastes. taste is personnal thing. each one is own.
As always ,Comments and CONSTRUCTIVES critiques/comments are welcome, but that's stop here.


So in case,if you are against most of the thing I picture....
REALLY, please save your time (and mine) by switching to a other picture/deviant, because I won't ask you. I used to do that before, but it's like fighting wind.
By saying that I may sounds like a coward. But I'm not,
I'm JUST fed up justifying aesthetic tastes. It's time consuming and leads nowhere. When you cross someone who decided an aesthetic point is wrong BECAUSE this personn decided it was the HOLLY truth, you will NEVER be able to have an exchange with him/her. SO yeah. silence remains the best
  • Listening to: playlist
  • Reading: what I write!
  • Watching: the screen !
  • Playing: resident evil revelations 2
Facebook Stamp by Heineken79
Please add my facebook page for news, recent informations wip and other stuff :…

some sample. nothing official. just for the sake of my portfolio.


-pencil & inks on 11x17" comic art board
Colors w/ photoshop cs3 + cintiq

Harley quinn & Power girl © DC  



:iconheroes-villains-more: :iconadult-artists: :iconrealpinupart: :iconfemale-incorporated: :iconthe-dc-marvel-corner: :iconthe-moon-beam: :icontheuncannyx-men: :icontutorialsclub: :iconmasseffect-homofans:


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